Lovely Biedermeiers!

Here’s a quick post about two things I love: flowers, and German words!  The biedermeier is a style of floral arrangement in which the flowers form concentric circles.  Whether you’re looking for centrepieces or arrangements for a special event, or the perfect bouquet, a biedermeier will inject a little European flair into your floral design.

Now, they’re not for everyone, and they’re not always done well.  A quick Google Image Search will provide you with a number of examples of what I’d call “the biedermeier gone wrong”–a certain red and white one, in particular, looks like it was made for the Target summer picnic.  But let’s focus on the pretty!  Here are some lovely biedermeiers that appeal to my OCD tendency to organize. Everything.

1. The top left is my absolute favourite!  Apricot calla lilies form the heart of the bouquet, surrounded by jade roses, encircled by cymbidium orchids.

2. Top right: ivory mini calla lilies, surrounded by Vendella roses and blue hydrangeas by Papertini.

3. Bottom left: this is about as high-contrast as I like for a biedermeier.  A combination of lisianthus and stephanotis in the centre, surrounded by alternating roses and stephanotis.

4. Bottom centre: classic calla lilies and roses in rich apricot, yellow, and white by Art with Nature Floral Design.

5. Bottom right: this unique design from Madiba combines green hydrangeas and decorative cucumbers with madibas chrysanthemums and an outer wreath of hosta leaves.

Hugs, Jenna

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  1. Tanti Lina says:

    Hi there! Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the shout out and to feature one of my works! I sincerely appreciate it! ^_^

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