Carnations: Filler Flowers No More!

Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte dumps a guy for bringing her carnations, insisting they’re “filler flowers”?  And Carrie insists that “they’re making a comeback”?  Well, I’m on team Carrie when it comes to carnations!  They’re inexpensive, they come in TONS of colours, they’re versatile and easy to work with, and they’re easy to come by.  Here’s an inspiration board I put together with a range of colours and uses for these cheery blooms!

Clockwise from top left: This couple had their guests pin their “guestbook” wishes to this dome of beautiful white carnations; a bed of luscious pink carnations makes a great stage for your escort cards; a carnation bouquet is cheerful and inexpensive—a great way to shave several dollars off your floral bill!; carnations create an architectural shape that works well with any size and shape of container, like these long carnation centrepieces; I absolutely love the tablescape at the bottom right, with a simple but boldly red centrepiece of carnations; this aisle is pepped up with these green carnation pomanders; finally, this gorgeous cake by Faye Cahill Cake Designs features delicate and delicious sugar carnations.

Hugs, Jenna

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